Be productive without a to-do list

Mond is a Chrome extension
that helps create a mindful workspace for your mind
to achieve a single but uncertain task,
embracing the spontaneous yet creative part of your work & study.

Made by Nemo - a guy who chooses to face his problems daily.
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What do you mean by "mindful"?

Check in your mind mode before starting

On opening the browser, you will be asked if how you are feeling right now. Whether doing 9-5 tasks or just exploring the Internet or even wanting to turn off computer and go outside.

Define which tabs to open upfront

Entry points based on mode for your session will be opened to save you from wandering around the Internet.

Block places that create distractions

In case you need a rush dopamine hit, you can always check your phone. Each mode will have different set of blocked websites.


Why should I spend 5 USD on this app?

Pay once, use forever

Everything in Mond is available once purchased forever and you will get all the future updates for free.

Organic customer support

If you are facing any issue using Mond, you can reach out to my email or ping on twitter directly and I will get back to you asap.

The founder uses this app everyday and it works!

Mond is originally built for myself to help me have more quality session. I still use it everyday and try to improve the app to perfectiondi.

Sounds good enough to own Mond  for only 5 USD?

Help me validate the idea and get a 50% discount on the final price.

This is so early it does not even have a footer 😅
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